What are the skills and qualities of a tourist guide?

A tourist guide is necessary to discover the peculiarities of a region. It allows you to benefit from a guided tour to find out in detail the tourist attractions of your destination. It provides different information. This person has the qualities and skills that allow him to do his job well.

The skills of a tourist guide

When staying in any country, it is advisable to call on a person who can guide you to discover your destination. Even if you know some things about the cities you want to explore, the help of someone who can guide you is essential. A tourist guide has some skills that allow him to easily accomplish his missions. He must have a good general culture. He must have excellent oral expression skills. In addition, he should have a good knowledge of history, architecture, etc. To make you discover different places without hindrance, he must master the subject of the visit. He must define a program and remain attentive to the demand of his audience while arousing their interest.

For the qualities

To guide and allow tourists to properly discover the heritage of the destination chosen by tourists, the guide must have certain qualities. Discovering a destination is easier with a travel guide. The tour guide must have a good sense of organization. Besides, he must be meticulous. It is essential that he is able to adapt according to the type of group. In addition, a guide must be able to have communication skills both with tourists and locals. He must be an educator, enthusiastic or even dynamic. A guide must both be open-minded and have a spirit of synthesis. A guide must have an excellent memory and be resourceful.

The work of a tourist guide

A tourist guide must manage the route well. He must make sure to energize his comments. Good preparation is necessary before going to the field. In this case, it is necessary that the guide carries out in-depth research by regularly updating his knowledge of the places to be discovered. He must perfectly manage the time allotted for each activity. It must take into account various elements such as authorizations, knowledge of the place of visit and constraints related to travel. The travel guide should make the visitor want to know more about the site.