How to choose a restaurant abroad while on a tour?

On vacation, if there is something you really hate, it’s falling into the trap of a “tourist trap”. And restaurants are often the scene of this kind of lucrative activity, in tourist hypercentres in particular. We offer you some simple tips to find the typical little address that will make your trip a success!

Don’t follow all the advice of your tour guide

If you have to remember one thing, it’s this. Your tourist guide, in its paper version, is sold in millions of copies in France and abroad. Thus, the addresses of restaurants mentioned are often only populated by tourists! Too bad if you want to discover the favorite places of the locals who will undoubtedly have a tendency to avoid these tables …
Your paper guide will nevertheless be a perfect ally to know the local culinary specialties and the typical dishes to discover during your stay.

Do your own research

The Internet allows everyone to find thousands of information on a subject in a matter of seconds. Do not hesitate to do your own research on travel blogs , for example! These sites are often full of good tips, tested and approved , but also videos to give you a taste of your future trip. 
You can take notes in a small notebook dedicated to your stay . A notebook where you can also write down your discoveries on the spot and why not, start a blog when you return! This logbook can also be a real vacation diary , which you will certainly enjoy rereading on your return or years after.

Ask the locals

You have to dare to do it because there is a good chance that you will be given an address that you will not find in any guide . Imagine a tourist asking you what is your favorite restaurant ? You will certainly enjoy introducing our gastronomy and your favorite dishes to these visitors!
Avoid questioning a taxi driver or your hotel reception . Some make agreements with restaurants: turning down customers in exchange for a commission. And unfortunately, these are rarely the best addresses …

Take your time

To choose a good restaurant , there are a few simple rules that can also be applied in France. Avoid excessively long menus, offering dozens of dishes. This is often a sign of heavy use of frozen food. Also avoid tourist centers and hyper-tourist centers of cities which are generally teeming with poor quality establishments. 
Listen attentively to the other customers present in the room or on the terrace. Are they mostly local? If so, that’s a great sign! For the more adventurous, you can also ask the waiters for advice in order to taste the typical specialties of the house.
Flee the touts and their little theater sometimes very well established! There is a good chance that your meal will be shipped quickly for reasons of profitability. And don’t forget: some unpretentious addresses can turn out to be real nuggets!

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